Bard of Caid


To choose an exemplar of The Muse who will strive to ennoble The Realm in verse and song and bring glory to The Kingdom.


Defining the Bard of Caid Position

  • Skill is required in both composition and performance.
  • The holder of the title of Bard of Caid shall be one person, not a group consortium: However, the competing bard may use backup musicians or singers.
  • The holder of the title shall be determined by competition, judged in a similar manner to Pentathlon.
  • The Bard of Caid shall owe his/her Primary Fealty to the Kingdom of Caid.
  • The Bard of Caid may not succeed himself/herself.
  • This competition is open to singers, poets, storytellers, actor-playwrights, and musicians.

Responsibilities of the Bard of Caid

  • The position of Bard of Caid shall carry a 1-year commitment that includes three required Kingdom Events (Twelfth Night, Great Western War, and the competition for his/her successor). Additional events will be determined by the King & Queen, based on the Bard of Caid’s available schedule. 
  • The Bard of Caid shall perform pieces, either original or historical, at the aforementioned events. The pieces composed do not have to be composed specifically for that event. 
  • The Bard of Caid shall compose an original piece for Twelfth Night, Great Western War, and on or about May 1st of each year. The compositions should be composed with the specific intent to bring glory to The Kingdom of Caid or The Crown. The composition could be a battle song, a love song, a praise poem, a satire, or whatever the Bard of Caid feels inspired to compose. 
  • The Bard of Caid is strongly encouraged to publish a piece in The Crown Prints or The Ars Caidis, The Kingdom Arts & Sciences publication. 
  • The Bard of Caid will run the competition that determines his/or her successor. 
  • If for some reason, the Bard of Caid is unable to fulfill the responsibilities of his office, then the position shall go to a person appointed by the Crown. 

Rights and Regalia

  • The Bard is entitled to a front row seat at major event courts. 
  • The Bard of Caid shall have a baldric or cloak that will identify him/her as the Kingdom Bard. This garment IS kingdom regalia: it will be returned at the end of the Bard of Caid’s year tenure. 

Rules for Determining the Bard of Caid

See Bard of Caid Competition Rules for details on the competition over the years.